The Ultimate Recycling…

I have not been 100% faithful in my recycling practices but I feel it’s important to try to do my part for our community.  It gives me a rush to walk into a thrift store and see my potential purchases just waiting for me!

Here is a short video about my recent purchases!

Lol, I’m such a goof!   Anyhow,  I’d like to challenge you all to visit your local thrift store on a more regular basis. It’s important to check out the stores history before shopping as well.  What I mean by that is there are large organizations that make a steep profit from our donations and then there are smaller thrift stores that are very local to your community.  Check them out!  They may surprise you as to the variety they have and you just might find a cozy blanket or set of dishes for the trailer!

The Green program here on PEI is quite complex and it’s taking us a while to get used to. I believe that living on an island has everything to do with it!!  There are basically 3 bags plus 2 blue boxes we recycle into.  They prefer we use no bags in both the green bin and in the black garbage bin, but I’m not quite at that yet!  Then there is the last day of the month that you set out a blue bag that has clear plastic, clean cans and recycle plastic containers in!  Or…you can drive into Charlottetown to the recycle centre and drop it off!!

It sounds, and sometimes feels overwhelming to recycle but if we all do our part as best we can we can truly make a difference!

Let the challenge begin!

Till we meet again,



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