Planned that wrong!!

Good day my friends! Yes, it’s been a while but

I have been very busy with organizing and purging our home!  It does feel good to finally get rid of stuff accumulated over the years…it should be an ongoing process though to really be effective:)

December was a busy month with Christmas and all!  I did manage to catch that nasty cold/flu going around and I had to dig deep to find the energy, but we survived and had a blessed time for sure!  In January we went on a cruise to the  Eastern Caribbean.  It was not as warm as I had hoped it would be but the places we visited were lovely!  My fav….Amber Cove DR.  Just the humidity and heat of the sun was enough to make me want to miss the ship and have them  pick me up next round!!

Returning from our cruise has been a chilling experience!!  Seriously,  it’s been very cold here in Northern Alberta with wind chills in the -35 to -40’s.  That’s why I say we sure planned that wrong!!  Not that February is any warmer but at least spring is closer if we would have waited till this month to go.  Then again Mother Nature is in charge!! F933435A-0A1C-4D62-BDDE-C72FAF110493

I have been thinking about venturing into Fashion for us ‘over 55’  ladies who love to be a bit out there when it comes to style.  Fashion is art! It expresses how we feel or want to feel throughout the course of our life.  Hair style is definitely a part of the fashion industry and also meets the Arts head on!  Punn intended!

I will keep you posted as to my journey into what makes us….us!

Stay safe and warm my friends and never be afraid to wear that bright red lip or carry that fuzzy hand bag with pom poms all over!!!

Until we meet again,


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