Our journey has just begun…


I won’t say it was easy, but I am thankful we are here.  We have experienced so much on our journey across Canada, road blocks and the ups and downs of moving, but all of the memories we will look back on and laugh, cry or try to forget!  I do have recommendations for those of you who have a long distance move planned in your future.  Please research the heck out of the moving company that you are hiring to carry your life’s belongings to your new home.  Check all media sources for ratings and ask a bazillion questions as to the journey your belongings will be going on!  I, as you may sense,  did not do a thorough enough search and we are now paying the price…  I cannot go into great detail at the moment as our claim is pending but let me just say that as soon as I can I will tell you all about it!

Until we meet again,







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