The Great Outdoors…

Jasper, Alberta Canada…stunning!

The air is so fresh and the sky so blue!

My daughter and I went on a road trip to Jasper and had such a great time.  Along with relaxing we did a bit of shopping…the sales this time of year were great!  We wandered around Jasper a bit…ate a bit then wandered some more.  We actually went to see a movie one evening!  The Black Panther!  Wakanda Forever!!!

We stayed at a hidden gem called  Park Place Inn   which is located right downtown.  It is a quaint little Inn with only 14 rooms.  I have walked past the Inn many times on our previous visits and never realized it was there!  They have underground parking which is limited and a bit dated but handy.  We parked and never moved the car until we left for home.


Maligne Canyon  was our Saturday adventure on our way home.  This space is stunning and full of soul rejuvenating peace.  We hiked up and down the paths and saw endless beauty and lots of snow!  The ice that has formed is beautiful and the canyon is deep.

The water was running and that is always a good sign in the snowy Rocky Mountains…


Until we meet again,

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