Tulips are so kind…

…they show up at just the right time!  Just when I think I cannot take another day of rain or snow or both…

pink tulip flowers under white clouds blue skies at daytime
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

…there they are!  The first sign of spring, other than a robin, poking out from the soil wanting the same thing I do.  Sun! Warmth!

As some of you know my husband and I moved into the house he grew up in on PEI.  It has been a challenging time but in the process of trying to find my feet here on the Island  I am learning about all the different types of perennials and all the species of birds from my mother in law.  Lorna moved  in January to a smaller home she can manage better than here.  She had surrounded her home of 56 years with planters, pots and plots of annuals and perennials!  There are a number of bird feeders as well that we are  trying to keep full as quickly as they are emptied!  So the work begins…92E9F249-5246-4EC4-897E-793298935C99

Now that the snow has gone we were able to get out into the yard.  We raked up a trailer load of leaves from the backyard and from the front flower beds exposing all the new growth underneath!  I am looking forward to all the new blooms over the course of the spring and summer.  The front deck faces east so I am blessed with the sunrise and the warmth as I sit in my rocker enjoying the sun,  flowers and my coffee too!!  At least that’s  the plan…

Today is a very windy and rainy day here on the island although better than the snow our daughter woke up to this morning in Edmonton!  Nasty!!

Here’s to hoping the sun shines on our days ahead and brightens spirits along the way!!  Make it a wonderful day!3CE69AC4-8E7E-460F-AE0B-7B610D1C7352

Till we meet again,




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