Time Management…

I really need to manage my time management better, but I don’t have time!!

I had great intentions of Blogging every few days to generate a nice flow in content and to make some new friends in the process, but I did not  ‘have’ the time!!  Ok, how many times do we say that!!  How many times do we use this sentence… “I would love to do that but I don’t have the time”? ” I would love to go there but I don’t have the time!” Etc …  So easy to say right?  But, for something that is important for us to do, or a conversation that is really important for us to have with someone we must ‘make’ the time!  Seriously it’s a process, it’s planning, it’s making an effort to do it, to start it or to figure out how to start it!!

Once the ball is in motion it swings easily!! There will be road blocks but we will make the time to conquer!!  We’re not failures, we’re not lazy we just need to make the time to plan!!!

So, let’s get busy making what we love to do or what needs doing in our short 24 hour day a priority!!

Ready… set…plan!!

Until we meet again,

Facing Fears!

Well, it’s not that dramatic but I am sitting in front of my dentist office in my car blogging, which is what I’d rather be doing!! It’s only a check up and cleaning but I know very well what that leads to….

ok, I’m going in 🙃

Until we meet again,

Another Day, Another Coat

I would love to see more Amy!!

Car Coats and Cashmere

So maybe I have a problem. The coat addiction is real, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to ease up anytime soon. I just really don’t think you can go wrong with a coat, so I choose to wear one all the time.



This particular beauty is from Simons, and I love it. It’s menswear-inspired, and reminds me of an oversized blazer. It’s super comfy, but not very warm. It does, however, fit well over chunky sweaters, so I’ll just layer it to death in the winter.

IMG_2361 IMG_2433

I’ve paired it with a black turtleneck that is also from Simons, because really, what’s life without a good turtleneck?! My jeans are from J.Crew, and the flats are my go-to Sam Edelman’s.

Well that’s all, folks. I hope you’re enjoying your week, and I will talk to you soon.


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One of my favorite dishes!

Good morning! I trust all is well with y’all:)

Quinn and I went for a walk this morning and the air was filled with the sound of our Canadian Geese returning home!! Welcome back! Spring is here 🌞

I have some time before work today so I am preparing spaghetti squash! It is the most delicious dish for us low carb folk and easy to prepare.  Ideally I like to bake it the evening before and put it in the fridge over night. It takes on a different texture and is much easier to remove from the skin of the squash. I only remove what is needed for a meal and leave the rest in the fridge until the next meal. Trust me, I go through one pretty quickly!  I love to heat the squash and add butter and feta cheese. You can make a meat sauce and serve it just like pasta! It’s so versatile and makes a lovely satisfying dish.


Until we meet again,

Back to business!!

Vitamin D is so important for us northern Alberta folk!  I have been rather gloomy feeling over the past few weeks which makes it difficult to tend to the everyday let alone the extras we pile on ourselves! 

With being so busy I thought it important to increase my vitamin D intake.  It is known as the sunshine vitamin after all and here in the prairies we do get sun but just not at the right angle for us to benefit! I’m looking forward to picking up my socks and carrying on…after all Spring is right around the corner:)

Quinn and I were excited to see light earlier this morning so we could go for our walk before I went to work! This time change isn’t so bad after all :). It was a bit frosty and foggy but all in all … lovely.

Be sure to get out side today for some fresh air! Crisp air is ok too…

Until we meet again,

Such a lovely day dream!!

I have been saving pictures from sites and taking pictures at stores of bedroom ideas and kitchen ideas and the like! I find myself day dreaming about how I am going to place furniture and finish floors in our PEI house. I am so very excited to make it our ‘forever home’!! 

I am looking forward to creating my studio up in the attic. I dream about sitting in a big comfy chair with my coffee, gazing out to the fields beyond the yard searching for inspiration for my blogs.  I would like to create some paintings I could hang in the house and even a sketch or 2! 

So many plans to make and put in motion and I’m looking forward to each one!!

Who said life gets boring when you get older?? Life is what you create it to be, design yours to follow your dreams even your day dreams!  We never know when our time on earth runs out so make those plans now…dream those dreams and work towards them coming true…with patience and hard work they will💕

Until we meet again,