Well we made it for our quick trip out to family here on PEI.  We took some time out to go to Canoe Cove pictured below and yesterday managed Brakley Beach!  Boy that wind is cold off the ocean, and so very fresh!E8297493-E555-4A0E-82FE-C6598EB4DFDC

Today we had family to the house for a feast!  We had lobster and muscles along with scallops , salads, home made biscuits and buns!  And for dessert we had Grandma’s Boston Cream Cake!!  Oh man am I in trouble…. I had better start walking a lot once we’re here.

Tomorrow we are visiting friends of ours here on the island before we head back to Halifax to catch our flight home on Tuesday.   It’s been a very busy trip but it was wonderful to see everyone!  I am excited and nervous all wrapped into one but happy to be staying true to our plans.


Be sure to enjoy a walk on the beach ….or a walk in the snow!!  It’s a great way to connect to the majesty of nature and to re-energize!!

Until we meet again,



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