You know, I have to say…

My new obsession!

…..time sure does go quickly.  I am surprised every time the end of a month comes along not to mention the end of a year!!  How did that happen? Where did the time go?  I need more hours in the day!!  But really I think I just need to organize my time better then I have been.

Bullet Journaling is my newest obsession!  I am excited to see if I can become more efficient at organizing my time by drawing and colouring!  I have to confess…..I love pens, pencils, markers and crayons!!  At the beginning of the school year I love to buy new pens and markers and I love to smell the crayons!!   Oh come on now…..I know you love to as well!  My challenge now is to find the time to work on my journal!!  I know I’m not alone, there are many of you that are feeing the same way about the crafts you love to do but I believe the key is not finding the time but rather making the time.

For my birthday last week I received a lovely gift from my girl friend!  She gave me a calendar/organizer for 2018!  Bless you Vernie!  This is just what I need to help me keep track of the events happening leading up to our move.  There are blank pages that I can journal on and spaces for notes as well as a section for the all important birthdays that are harder to keep track of each passing year!


My hubby and I are heading to PEI tomorrow to start the process of our move.  I am excited to see everyone and to actually set some plans in place.  I am going to bring my Journal along and in my quiet time, if I am lucky to have some, I will relax and let the markers flow!!

Be sure to sit for a bit and colour!!

Until we meet again,




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