My last blog was about managing my time better and ‘making’ time to blog!  As you can see, I wasn’t very productive!  Sometimes I really wonder if I have anything interesting to share and then I realize that it doesn’t matter…..just share!  I like to look into the windows of other peoples lives and I’m sure someone out there would like to read about my life!  I love taking a glimpse into a home as I wonder past on an evening stroll.  I’m not sure why but it’s soothing somehow.  I won’t be able to do that once we are in PEI!  We will be in the country, sort of!

That time is approaching fast and I know I am going to be running in circles!  I need to write things down and prioritize to help keep my head on my shoulders.  The first step has been taken as my hubby has given notice that he will be retiring in August from a job he has had for 3 months short of 25 years!  It is a little unsetteling to know that the security will not be there but we are determined to make this plan work so we will push on and make sure ends meet.  As I have mentioned before, we will be moving into the family home in Cornwall, PEI.  Once we leave our home here where we’ve lived for the last 30 years and plant ourselves on the island we will build a Grandparents Cottage for my mother in law on the property and when she’s in and settled we will begin renovations on the house!  First to get done will be our bedroom on the main floor which right now is the formal dinning room. It has big beautiful windows and a sun room attached and I could not resist making this our retreat!   We will be adding a ensuite and a closet to complete the room no idea yet what I want to do in the sun room but i’ll wait until I’m there to figure that out.   Next in order will be the main bathroom as it is part of the ensuite plan, so it will need renovating as well.  Just a tile shower, toilet and double sink in that bathroom.  I cannot decide if I want the laundry in the bathroom or set up a laundry room in the porch area at the back entrance…decisions!

The kitchen…the most important room!  I am so excited to renovate our kitchen.  I am wanting to add an island and new counter tops with new appliances as well.  I guess the cupboards are still in really great shape so I may just paint those and add new hardware to save some money.  There are 4 bedrooms upstairs and I have been toying with the idea  of a theme for each room… maybe one of the rooms a library/coffee/tea space? The themed rooms will work well for our company that we will be having come visit!  After a lovely bottle of wine or 2 at least it would be easier to find your room!!  On that note, those who know who you are start saving for a trip out east!  And those who don’t,  you are welcome as well!! img_1938

Until we meet again,



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