Time Management…

I really need to manage my time management better, but I don’t have time!!

I had great intentions of Blogging every few days to generate a nice flow in content and to make some new friends in the process, but I did not  ‘have’ the time!!  Ok, how many times do we say that!!  How many times do we use this sentence… “I would love to do that but I don’t have the time”? ” I would love to go there but I don’t have the time!” Etc …  So easy to say right?  But, for something that is important for us to do, or a conversation that is really important for us to have with someone we must ‘make’ the time!  Seriously it’s a process, it’s planning, it’s making an effort to do it, to start it or to figure out how to start it!!

Once the ball is in motion it swings easily!! There will be road blocks but we will make the time to conquer!!  We’re not failures, we’re not lazy we just need to make the time to plan!!!

So, let’s get busy making what we love to do or what needs doing in our short 24 hour day a priority!!

Ready… set…plan!!

Until we meet again,

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