Such a lovely day dream!!

I have been saving pictures from sites and taking pictures at stores of bedroom ideas and kitchen ideas and the like! I find myself day dreaming about how I am going to place furniture and finish floors in our PEI house. I am so very excited to make it our ‘forever home’!! 

I am looking forward to creating my studio up in the attic. I dream about sitting in a big comfy chair with my coffee, gazing out to the fields beyond the yard searching for inspiration for my blogs.  I would like to create some paintings I could hang in the house and even a sketch or 2! 

So many plans to make and put in motion and I’m looking forward to each one!!

Who said life gets boring when you get older?? Life is what you create it to be, design yours to follow your dreams even your day dreams!  We never know when our time on earth runs out so make those plans now…dream those dreams and work towards them coming true…with patience and hard work they will💕

Until we meet again,

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